Experience The Luxury of Everlasting Time With Aion Watches.

Time as represented by the Hellenistic deity - Aion, is unbounded - not divided into past, present & future. Aion is thus the God of Eternity - an unending continuum...
Aion watches are a symbol of the lost past. In a world buzzing with frantic frenzy, the brand Aion upholds the timelessness and classicism of ageless vintage design combined
with an authentic bespoke experience.
Re-designed and Re-stored time-tested engineering, cased in precious Silver & Gold - they are a seamless preservation of age-old masterful watch making techniques, customized to your specifications.

Oeuvre D'art

Introducing the first of their kind, vintage/antique pocket and wrist watches from 19th Century Luxury Swiss and Heritage English watchmakers, restored and redesigned as modern timepieces.

Arts et Métiers

The fine machinery of contemporary quartz watches united with completely re-imagined & redesigned cases, dials and bracelets in precious silver.