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In a world of stereotypes, 'icustommadeit' is connecting the world at large to the creativity of the individual.

Icustommadeit was founded on the belief that standardized products manufactured by big-boy, big-box retailers do not fit the lifestyles of discerning customers who are looking for something more than just deep discounts, that come at the cost of individuality.

Icustommadeit.com is an online marketplace where creators of unique, custom-made goods connect with the buyers who are looking to purchase these one-of-a-kind creations. Posting a need is absolutely free and takes minutes. Buyers connect with our carefully vetted Creators by uploading a photo, providing a description and preferred price range for what they're looking to have custom made. Interested Creators then reach out with ideas and proposals to start the project. Buyers can also browse through Creators' Portfolios and Galleries of their existing stock products for inspiration and contact a Creator directly to start a custom-made project or simply purchase any stock product they like, off-the-rack.

'Free' Sign Up as a Buyer on 'icustommadeit' to buy any creation or start a custom project.

STEP 1 - Sign Up for an 'icustommadeit' Buyer account. Make sure you're registering with a valid email address as all communication from 'icustommadeit' -- including Creators responses to your project and budgets -- will be sent to that email address.

STEP 2 - Go to the 'icustommadeit' homepage, click on 'Customize Now' on the top banner.

STEP 3 - Select the category of your required product

STEP 4 - Fill out the custom project request form by filling in all the required fields in as much detail as possible

STEP 5 - Click on 'Save'. In case you've changed your mind, you can click on 'Cancel' to abandon changes. After you click on 'Save', you will be taken to your very own icustommadeit Dashboard where you can view all your past and current requests, view creators' proposals, exchange messages with creators, set prices and timelines for your custom projects.

1. What would you like to design with us?

Icustommadeit has over 33 categories and sub-categories of lifestyle products for our buyers to choose from. If you know what it is that you would like to have customized, you have the option of either modifying an existing stock product to your requirements or start a new custom product project from scratch. Examples include Bookshelf, Wedding Ring, and Leather Shoes.. If you need help in deciding, you can take a look at our clearly listed product categories for ideas and inspirations. 

2. What product category does your project fall into?

Be as specific as possible when choosing an appropriate product category for your project. This will help the Creators enlisted under that relevant category to contact you with ideas and proposals for your project.

3. Choosing a Project Title

Give a distinct and descriptive title to your custom project in order to provide them quick and easy reference for subsequent processes.

4.Specifying the Size ?

Indicate the exact size and dimensions when describing your custom-made item. A few examples are '8' x 3' x 3 "Seats 8 people" or "Size 7". If you aren't sure about the size requirements, you may leave the field blank to choose the default option of 'Need Creators to help me with Size' and the concerned creators will advise you on same.

5.Specifying the Materials ?

The cost of your custom product will depend mainly on two factors : materials and labour. Therefore be as specific as possible while describing the type of materials you would like to be used in making in your product. Examples include type of wood or metal in case of furniture, types of stones and metal for jewellery, fabric types for clothing and the like. If the product has multiple materials, list as many of them as possible to help the Creator get a full understanding of what will be required to create the item. In case you're unsure of what material(s) is best suited for your project, you may leave the field blank to choose the default option of 'Need Creators to help me with Material' and the concerned creators will guide you accordingly.

6. Specify the Shipping

Please provide your Area Pin Code so that creators nearest to you and best placed to suit your needs can contact you. This will not only reduce the shipping time and costs, it will also add to your comfort level.

7. What price range you are looking at? 

Highlight the exact budget range for your custom project. This will help the Creators to communicate their proposals and suggestions for your one-off creation. If you aren't sure about the price range for your project then you may leave the fields blank to auto-select the option of "Need advice to set budget" so that your Creators can suggest a suitable cost. 

8. Attach photos or drawings. 

If you have any reference pictures or rough sketches/drawings of the product you want to get made, make sure to attach them in your custom request form. Photos give our Creators a better idea of your project. You can upload different angles of a single product, similar items that best represent your idea. 

For furniture or home decor items, it may also help to include a photo of the space where your project will be placed. If you don't have an image, you may also include links to examples in the "Additional/other details" field below. 

9. Tell us any other details

Tell us about your idea, preferred style, finishing touches, colour scheme and/or any other details that you would like to include. Ask questions and give specifications for your custom-made product. This is also your chance to let the Creator community know why your project is special to you. You can also add links that guide us to your inspiration. If you're seeking project guidance or inspiration, include that information as well. 

10. Cancel or Save 

Saving your custom project form would send your request to all the concerned creators in that category. We will also send you a confirmation email of the same with your specified details. If you choose to click on 'Cancel', you will lose any changes you have made to the custom project form.

What happens next? 

Once you submit your project request, it will be saved to your project list and you'll receive an email & sms confirming that the information you provided has been posted for our community of Creators to view. Interested Creators will reply to you with questions, ideas, quotes and suggestions. At this point you should take a look at the Creator's profile and determine whether or not they would be a good fit for your project. You can respond to messages from as many Creators as you'd like through the Internal Messaging System provided on your dashboard on the portal -- in fact, we encourage you to ask questions and clarify the details of your project with the Creators who interest you. 

You'll be able to review all the proposals you receive before accepting or rejecting. Once you've accepted a proposal, the Creator will begin bringing your project to life. The communications and information exchanged between you and the concerned creator will constitute the project agreement.

Please read the icustommadeit Legal Policy in its entirety. 

Your Order Guarantee - icustommadeit hosts a very structured process to be sure there aren't misunderstandings. Once a Creator proposes to do a project, and you accept, rest assured it will be delivered as promised. If there are changes during the process of creation, both sides have to agree. The Creator communicates directly with the buyer and shares progress updates through internal messages exchanged through the portal and Project Progress Pictures till the completion of the project. If there's any problem or a change, be sure you communicate about it to the Creator through the websites. Concerned about how will your project eventually look? Not to worry! At icustommadeit we do everything to ensure you have a wonderful online shopping experience and get exactly what you're looking for! 

Trust and Safety - Success only comes with Satisfaction! With this conviction, our Trust and Safety Team takes extra care and security to protect your project, payment & delivery related issues. It is unlikely that a Creator and Buyer are at odds during the process. In an instance of such a disagreement, icustommadeit will step in and mediate when the issue cannot be resolved on its own. All communications between the buyer and the creator must take place through icustommadeit for us keep a record of every step of the project development. These can take place through the website's internal messaging system, direct replies to message notification emails and telecommunication through the portals sales support staff. This will help our trust & safety team to review the discussions between you and the Creator and quickly resolve any issues.

When it comes to posting a new project on icustommadeit, there are two simple ways. 
'General Request'

When you're not familiar with or worked with any particular creator on board with us, it is advised that you start by raising a 'General Request' for you custom project.

A General Request project is viewable by all Creators of the related category on icustommadeit and is the best option for buyers who wish to speak with multiple Creators about their project idea before making a decision on who to work with. When you post a general request, Creators enlisted in that product category will be able to view the details of your project request and then send you a message if they are interested in working with you. 

To post a General Request, simply click on the 'Customize Now' button on the top Home Page banner and fill out all the required details in the custom project form. Do attach reference pictures, if any as this will help our creators get a better idea of what you have in mind.

'Special Invite'
A Special Invite project is initiated with, and viewable by a single Creator. Special Invite projects are good for Buyers who have a specific idea for the custom product in mind and have found a Creator who they would like to contact directly. 

To post a 'Special Invite' Project, we suggest that you go through the related products closest to your desired custom project,

Similarly, a Special Invite can be submitted to a Creator in the instance that you've found a specific item in a Creator's portfolio that you would like to have customized with modifications.

What happens next will vary depending on whether or not your project is a General Request (i.e. made viewable to all icustommadeit Creators) or a Special Invite (i.e. sent directly to a specific Creator.)

If you have posted a General Request -:

When you raise a general request for a customization project, we will send a notification to creators in that category for the same. You will receive a message from a Creator when she/he is interested in your project. At this point you should take a look at the Creator's profile and determine whether or not they would be a good fit for your project. You can respond to messages from as many Creators as you'd like -- in fact, we encourage you to ask questions and clarify the details of your project with the Creators through free flow of communication on the Instant Messaging tool provided on the icustommadeit portal or through directly replying to the notification emails.

You'll be able to review the proposals sent by the creators before accepting or rejecting them. Once you accept a proposal, the creation process begins. 

If you have posted a 'Special Invite' project: 

The Creator who received your project request will send you a message with questions, ideas, and suggestions if he/she is interested in working with you. Once you have ironed out the details of your project, you may accept the final proposal for the project that includes the pricing and delivery information. 

Once you've accepted the proposal, the Creator will begin bringing your project to life. 

If you like a certain product on icustommadeit as it is, you can buy that product immediately by signing up and completing a secured payment procedure. If you wish the same product to be replicated, with additional customizations, then you can also get it done. 

1. Sign up / Log in to your icustommadeit account.

2. Navigate to the product. If you're unable to locate it, you can search for it by typing the relevant keywords in the search box.

3. Once you've found the product you are interested in buying or customizing, click the relevant option on the product page. 

4. Clicking the 'Buy Now' option will take you to the checkout page where you can make payment, provide shipping information and place your order. Icustommadeit will keep you updated on your shipment in transit.

5. Clicking the 'Custom Request ' option will open a text box for you to provide details of customization. We suggest that you give as much information on the size, materials or design that you would like. This will help the concerned creator to understand your requirements and send a more accurate project proposal. Note: Please note that since many products are made-to-order, it may sometimes take a few days for the creator to ship your product. Our customer service officers will keep you updated on the status of your order at every stage.

The Buyer Agreement is an underlying tacit agreement between icustommadeit.com and you, the user of the portal in your capacity as a Buyer and the services provided. You become a user by way of subscribing to the portal or even accessing/utilizing the portal irrespective of whether you actually get into any deal with any other user or buy any merchandise or service through the portal.

It's important to remember that at all times your operations on the portal, located at www.icustommadeit.com and your subscribing to the services of the portal will be governed by this agreement and the privacy policies of icustommadeit. Taken collectively they would be referred to as the 'Buyer Terms and Conditions.'

The date on which this version got implemented and became effective is when you started using this portal/website. These rules therefore become applicable as on same date.

If you come across a Creator who kindles your inspiration and with whom you would like to work directly, you can easily contact them through a Special Invite project request. Learn more about sending a Special Invite project request to a Creator in the previous section.

Your project name should communicate your requirement to the Creator very easily. The first thing a Creator sees when he or she is searching for potential projects, is your project's name. Try to keep it simple and as descriptive as possible, without being too wordy. "Emerald Engagement Ring" or "Mahogany Study Table" are two examples of a good project name. Avoid personalized or non-descriptive titles such as "Dream Project," as they do not effectively communicate to the Creator what needs to be created.

When describing your project to the Creators, there's only one rule: the more details, the better! Information about the dimensions, preferred materials, colour -- anything will help a Creator visualize exactly what you're looking for. 

We understand that sometimes it can be tough to explain a multifaceted creative idea in writing. That's why icustommadeit strongly recommends adding photos or drawings to your project to help the Creator understand and deliver your unique custom-made project. Detailed projects will always receive interest from more Creators, and much more quickly, too. Rest assured, our Creators are experts at catalyzing the whole creative process and will guide you through your many options.

While you're posting a project on icustommadeit by filling the Custom Project' form, highlight a price range for your custom project. If you aren't sure about the price range for your project then just select "I need a Creator to suggest me a price range" so that Creators can suggest a suitable cost. 

At this time, many Creators will provide an estimate or price range that they feel is fitting given the specifications of your project. If you are unfamiliar with the custom-made process or have concerns about the proposed cost of an item, there are a few points to keep in mind.

1. Cost of preferred materials: Do you want something basic or would you opt for high-end finishes and plush blending? Remember, the cost of the materials required to build your custom project can differ greatly depending on what you request. If you are unsure about an appropriate price range, our Creators will guide you through this with options and a variety of price points. 

2. Time and labour: Handpicked Creators at icustommadeit handle every project with utmost dedication and flawless perfection. Many of our Creators are the individual artisan crafting your project, so big or more detailed projects can at times take more time to complete, and could therefore cost more. 

3. Your 'Original' design: Bear in mind, your custom project is created to be special and uniquely yours. Custom goods because of their finer quality will typically cost more than bulk-produced items. To get a sense of the general cost trends, browse icustommadeit for similar projects. Glance through projects that include similar materials, size and price range. The average cost of those projects is often a great help while discussing your budget with the Creator.

If you have posted a project but have not already accepted a proposal from a Creator, you can close/cancel your project. Simply log in to your icustommadeit buyer account, and navigate to the project you wish to close. Click 'Cancel Project' on top of the Messaging Interface to permanently close the project.

However, if you've accepted a proposal from any Creator, you cannot cancel/close your project. Our custom process begins almost immediately after your order has been placed so it is not possible to cancel your order.

If you have already closed/cancelled a project from you icustommadeit account, you'll have to request the project once again by filling the 'Custom Project' form.

Yes! You can suggest changes, variations', alterations or modifications to the existing products showcased on 'icustommadeit' by creators if you are willing to buy them.

Whenever a Creator replies to your request, you will receive an email and sms notification from icustommadeit. You can directly reply to the email notification to send a message to that creator or you can also log in to your icustommadeit buyer account and send a reply through the Instant Messaging System on the portal.

After you've posted a project on icustommadeit, Creators will begin expressing interest in your project. Take time to review each Creator's profile and portfolio to determine which Creator is the best fit to work with you.

As part of this process, you may also exchange images, details and information on your custom product. In case you feel that a creator is not fit to execute the project as per your requirements, you have the option to reject the proposal sent by that particular creator. Navigate to the particular project and proposal under your icustommadeit buyer account and select 'Cancel Project'. Icustommadeit requests you to provide a reason for the cancellation, in order to serve you better in future.

If you want to make any changes to a custom project proposal that you've already raised, you have two ways to go about it -

  1. (a) If you've already started corresponding with a creator on the project, you may communicate your desired changes to them through the Instant Messaging System.
  2. (b) If the project is still open and you wish to edit some details, it is recommended that you cancel/close the existing proposal and raise a new request with the new specifications.

icustommadeit encourages you to communicate with Creators via the Instant Messaging System on your account dashboard whenever required. That way, we can create the best custom-made designing experience for you by knowing what you and the Creator have said and agreed to.

We do realize that sometimes it is easier to explain an intricate idea over a call rather than in a written message to the Creator. For this purpose, we have a dedicated team of customer happiness officers who help facilitate communication between you and the creator through phone calls and whatsapp messages.

Bring out all the important details of the conversation in the message so that we have a written record of what was agreed upon. This will help us to review the discussion between you and your Creator and if required, quick fix any disagreement or issue. 

It is very unlikely that a Creator you are working with becomes unresponsive to your messages. However, if such a scenario crops us, contact us and we will reach out to the Creator immediately to help facilitate communication. Rest assured, we'll readily get back to you with an effective solution.

If your delivered project is not conforming to the terms agreed upon within the proposal, we recommend that you first send a message directly to the Creator via the portal's Instant Messaging System. The message should carry a clear description of the concerns you've encountered with the finished product. Explain in detail why you think the product is not in accordance to the accepted terms. You can also attach a picture to support your dissatisfaction.

Our community of Creators has set a very high bar for customer satisfaction. In most instances, the Creator will want to work directly and promptly to make it right. In the rare instance that you and the Creator are unable to come up with a solution, follow these two simple steps:

  1. Review the Buyer Agreement.
  2. Send a detailed message to our Support Team detailing the issues with the final delivered product.
  3. Our Support Team will respond as soon as possible and help resolve the issue.

Watch your idea take shape by tracking the progress of your project. Stay in close communication and exchange information about the current status of a job by exchanging photos and key details on a periodic basis. Whether you prefer to correspond daily or weekly, our Creators will keep you posted on the status of your creation through messages and photos to ensure you get exactly what you want.

If you've purchased a product from our gallery, the Creator of that item will simply ship it to your shipping address within 24 hours. However please note that since most items are handcrafted and exclusively produced, there is a possibility that your product may be out of stock and the creator would need to put it into production. Hence please allow the creator 7-15 days to ship your order, in such a case.

If you've started a custom-made project on icustommadeit, the shipping time may vary from one Creator to another. During the execution of your project, the creator will keep you updated on every stage of development through emails, messages and images. Once your order has shipped, we will email you your tracking number so you can follow the progress of your product shipment.

You can easily track your order in the Order History through the logistics tracking number provided by the Creator. Please note that all shipments are subject to the shipping policies of the individual Creator. We are not liable for delay resulting from weather, natural disasters, war, civil commotions, misinformation, etc.

Once your order has shipped, icustommadeit will email you your tracking number so you can follow the progress of your product shipment. Please note that sometimes these emails can be filtered into your spam folder. If you do not receive any email with the shipment details, then please contact us and we will happily give you the status of your order. You can track the order in your icustommadeit account details page as well. The logistics tracking number will be provided to you by the Creator in your Order History page.

The pricing that is displayed to you at checkout is inclusive of all shipping and tax charges associated with the product. Shipping and handling fees (including taxes and duties) will automatically be added to your total during Checkout. Shipping prices and tax depend on the type of product and also on when and where the item is being delivered. Please note that all shipments are subject to the shipping policies of the individual Creator. We are not liable (and cannot issue shipping offers/rates) for any shipping procedures. The creator decides the shipping policies for the project. You can review the total purchase price, including shipping and tax, before you complete your purchase.

Yes, you can expedite your order. Please convey your urgency to the Creator of the product via the portal's Instant Messaging System. Delivery of custom-made projects are subject to many factors (type, size, quantity of the product and also the location of delivery.) For your own satisfaction, please discuss the expected delivery date with the Creator when you start your project. Bring out the need when you place an order. Please note that the Shipping Policy is mentioned in the Creator's profile.

We currently do not offer shipping to International Countries. We promise to reach out to our global icustommadeit lovers very soon.

icustommadeit offers you multiple payment methods. Whatever your online mode of payment, you can rest assured that icustommadeit's trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times. We accept payments made through Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards in India. You may also use Internet Banking for your purchase.

Please read our Payment Policy for more details.

There are NO hidden charges when you make a purchase on icustommadeit. The prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you pay. Shipping and handling fees (including taxes and duties) will automatically be added to your total during Checkout. For custom-made projects, the final price quoted by the Creator and approved by the Buyer will be its total cost. You can review the total purchase price, including shipping and tax, before you complete your purchase. You will have no extra costs at delivery. Delivery charges (included in total cost) may vary depending on the seller policy. Please check with the individual Creator for same.

We accept payments made by credit/debit cards issued in India.

Credit cards: We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. To pay using your credit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date, three-digit CVV number (found on the backside of your card). After entering these details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D secure password.

Debit cards: We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards. To pay using your debit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date (optional for Maestro cards), three-digit CVV number (optional for Maestro cards). You will then be redirected to your bank's secure page for entering your online password (issued by your bank) to complete the payment.

Yes. icustommadeit offers you the convenience of using your bank's Internet Banking service to make a payment towards your order. With this you can directly transfer funds from your bank account, while conducting a highly secure transaction.

Online transactions on icustommadeit are made secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. All credit card and debit card payments on icustommadeit are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. Banks now use the 3D Secure password service for online transactions, providing an additional layer of security through identity verification.

Due to the exclusive nature of products listed on the icustommadeit portal, Cash on Delivery is not yet a valid method of payment. You will be required to make an online payment at the time of Checkout of your order to complete the payment. Your online transaction on icustommadeit is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. Whatever your online mode of payment, you can rest assured that icustommadeit's trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times. We accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards in India. You may also use Internet/Online Banking for your purchase.

We promise that anything you buy from icustommadeit is going to be a superb purchase. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with a stock product that you purchased from icustommadeit, then you may return your order in full and in its original packaging for replacement within 7 days after you receive your order. This applies to all regularly priced products featured in the gallery and does not apply to custom-made or special order products. We realize that for some of you, having custom products designed may be a new concept. With that in mind, we have meticulously tested our custom order process to develop a system that helps eliminate the guessing involved. Our System ensures that all custom made orders are reviewed and approved by you before the Creator ships your order. The Creator will not start the manufacturing process until you are 100% satisfied with the design and details of your order and have sent an approval on the same, as well as funded the project. Please note that our Creators offer fast, reliable, professionally handled shipments within India. However, if it is determined that there were errors in delivering the product or the final product delivered is damaged, then the concerned Creator (at most times) will replace all flawed or defective custom-made product. Please note that every Creator has a different "Return Policy" which is mentioned in the Creator's profile. If you seek to initiate a Return, we recommend that you first send a message directly to the Creator via Instant Messaging System on the portal. In most instances, the Creator will want to work directly and promptly to make it right. However, all items must be returned in the same manner in which they were received. Only our Creators can authorize the acceptance of returned products. In the rare instance that you and the Creator are unable to come up with a solution, send a message to our Trust And Safety Team detailing the issues with the final delivered product. We will reach out to you quickly and fix the issue.

Shipping & Returns

Creators on 'icustommadeit' are responsible for shipping all items directly to buyers. Shipment of every product is completely within the control of an individual Creator. The Creators set their own shipping and return policy (e.g. which carrier they use, shipping cost, insurance, returns, etc.) and display on all product listings. When you order on 'icustommadeit', you're ordering from one of hundreds of independent manufacturers across the country. So your shipping time and return procedure depends on the Creator you've ordered from. The pricing that is displayed to you at checkout is inclusive of all shipping and tax charges associated with the product. The Creator will base your shipping rates on either the total weight or the destination of the order. You can review the total purchase price, including shipping and tax, before you complete your purchase.

Please read our Shipping and Return Policy for more details.

There are four ways to estimate how long shipping will take:

  • The Creator of the item provides an estimate on their product page (e.g. 1-7 days).
  • When you place a custom order, the Creator communicates the estimated time range between when an item will ship via Instant Messaging System.
  • When your Creator ships an item, they provide a tracking number in the Order History. You can keep track of your order all the way through the delivery process. We also notify you by email.
  • If an item is not on time or you're not sure, you can always send a follow-up message to the Creator via Instant Messaging System or email.

Shopping on icustommadeit is 100% safe. Feel confident that our Trust and Safety Team takes extra care and security to protect your delivery related issues. If your order is significantly late to arrive and/or your Creator is not responding, contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue at the earliest.

You have probably noticed varying estimated delivery times for Creators of the product you are interested in. Delivery times are influenced by product availability, geographic location of the Creator, product size and quantity, your shipping destination and the courier partner's time-to-deliver in your location.

The Creators on 'icustommadeit' decide the shipping policies for the project. As a creator, they usually can decide on three types of shipments:


A Creator may offer free shipping on some or all orders.

A creator can charge a flat shipping rate for all buyers, i.e., same cost to all buyers for any kind of product. If the Creator specializes in more than one item, he or she can enter a flat shipment cost for each added product that they have in their portfolio. A creator can also decide on different flat shipment costs for different categories.

The flat shipment cost (shipping + handling) is added to the custom-made project. For products in the gallery, it can be seen separately with the product price.

A Creator can add specific shipment costs for specific locations and exclusive projects. They calculate the shipping expenses and attach it along with products. The buyer will pay shipment cost based on the project priority and the location. This would also be the regular shipment charges based on the product's average weight inside the boundaries of the country. If the Creator wants, he or she can also recommend or offer an insurance policy with the shipment.

Look through the Creators profile individually to learn more about the Shipping Policy.

There are NO hidden charges when you buy a product on 'icustommadeit'. List prices are final and all-inclusive. The price you see during checkout is exactly what you would pay.

Delivery charges are not hidden charges and are charged (if at all) extra depending on the Creator's Shipping Policy.

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with any product that you have ordered from icustommadeit.com. However, if in an unlikely event you are not satisfied with your purchase, we suggest you to go through the Creator's 'Return Policy' and initiate the Return/Replacement process.

Creators on 'icustommadeit' have the ability to set their own policy for refunds and exchanges. Each Creator has his or her own refund and exchange policies, which you can view on that Creator's product and profile pages.

If you're not 100% satisfied with what you've received, please first contact the Creator with whom you worked via Instant Messaging System on the portal. In most cases they will be able to resolve the problem for you. If you're still having problems, please call or email us and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, we ask you to read the 'Return Policy' of the Creator that interests you before starting your project. This will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and comforting.

Have questions? The Trust and Safety Team at 'icustommadeit' is happy to help you. 
Email us: [email protected]
Call us:+91 9028012751

DETERMINE AN INSURANCE OPTION: While the Creator will do his or her best to deliver the package safely, even the best couriers experience problems. A creator's responsibility is to ship your order in a reasonable time frame and in the condition described. A creator cannot control how your package is handled in transit. So what should a buyer do to protect themselves? Insure, insure, insure!

Do you have to insure every purchase you make? Absolutely not. But you should insure the packages that you don't want to assume the responsibility of. Because that is the real issue. If your creator offers you the option of insurance and you reject or decline that option, YOU are accepting full responsibility of that package and releasing the creator from further obligation.

For the "generously proportioned", "fragile" and "handle with care" products that could potentially get damaged during transit, we recommend an inbuilt transit insurance.

'Fragile' and 'Handle with care' labels are NOT a substitute for careful packaging. Valuable items should be insured.

FOR ALL PRODUCTS: Please do not accept the delivery of any item from the courier/delivery person, if you feel that the outer packaging is Damaged/Tampered. Please contact your Creator for replacement, immediately or reach out to our Trust and Safety Team for assistance.

There are two ways through which you can request bike customization on icustommadeit -

  1. You wish to buy a customized bike.
  2. You want to customize your own bike.

You can raise a bike customization request by making an initial payment of Rs. 5000 as booking amount, which is refundable (subject to T&C) & adjustable against the final payment.

Our support team will arrange a conference call between you and the creator to discuss your requirements and finalize the customization order.

At this stage, you will transfer 50% of the total project cost to icustommadeit which we will transfer to the creator who will then begin work on the bike.

Work-in-progress images will be provided from time to time to keep you updated about the work.

Once the bike is ready to be shipped, we will share the final images with you. You will then transfer the remaining amount (Remaining 50% minus Rs.5000 booking amount) to icustommadeit.

Icustommadeit only transfers the final payment to the creator once the bike is delivered to you.

Typically, it takes around 4-6 weeks to complete a bike customization project, not taking into consideration any unforeseen events or logistical issues.

Buyer satisfaction is our number one priority. At icustommadeit you not only get a customized product made exactly per your requirements, you also get personalized experience.

Our dedicated team of support executives and Customer Happiness Officers coordinate, communicate and execute custom orders to make sure you are 100% happy with the end product.

To ensure this, icustommadeit shares images of the bike and modification work with you at every stage of project development so that you can monitor the progress and appraise every detail. The bike will only be shipped to you once you have approved the final product via images shared.

If there's a word 'modification' in a bike's name/title, then the price mentioned is Modification Price ONLY, excluding the Base Bike, Shipping etc

Bikes that don't have the word 'modification' in their name/title, the price mentioned includes Base Bike + Modification + Shipping + Paperwork.

Our creators provide you with all the necessary paperwork and documents pertaining to your vehicle and custom project. Please refer to the below list for same -

NOC (in case of projects that include Base Bike and Modification from icustommadeit),
3rd Party Insurance (in case of projects that include Base Bike and Modification from icustommadeit), & Invoice

Yes, icustommadeit provides hassle-free shipping of your customized bike. As a buyer, you can opt for our services or arrange your own shipping.

  1. Prices mentioned are inclusive of shipping pan India in case of projects that include Base Bike and Modification from icustommadeit.
  2. Shipping charges are extra in case of modification on customer's existing bikes.

icustommadeit is a marketplace that connects customers and creators on an innovative web portal that provides clear transactions and smooth processes to buy and create one-of-a-kind products.

Please note that when you get a product customized from a creator, it is solely up to the respective creator to set their own service/exchange/warranty policies for their buyers.

In most cases of bike modification, the creator does not offer after sales service, as the custom project's scope is limited to product customization requirements. However, a modified bike can be easily serviced by any professional and experienced auto-mechanic in your city.

Absolutely, you can get your existing bike of any make and model modified as per your requirements & specifications with icustommadeit.com.

Icustommadeit connects buyers of unique, customized goods with the sellers of these one-of-a-kind products.

As such, bike enthusiasts can get their customized dream bike in the following easy ways -

  1. they can get their own existing bike modified as per their requirements
  2. they can purchase/order a modified bike from one of the talented creators at icustommadeit

Absolutely. You can see the bike accessories listed under 'Automobiles' category on the portal.

In case you can't find what you're looking for, please raise a custom request for the required product highlighting the specifications, model details etc. and our creators will get in touch with you.

The total cost of customizing a bike you own would depend on the type and number of modifications you're looking to get, as well as the cost and availability of the parts.

icustommadeit caters to every kind of budget. We try our best to make sure that you get exactly what you're looking for in the amount you're comfortable spending.

Sorry, we don't provide finance. However we do have an EMI option available via PayU (valid on Axis, ICICI, HSBC, Kotak & IndusInd Banks' credit cards) for our customers, which you can use for getting a custom bike from icustommadeit.