About Us

Before megastores and hypermarkets drowned the wants of the individual in a sea of mass-produced goods, customization was how we purchased just about everything. From getting clothes designed and tailored to our measurements, to commissioning furniture and decor to be made with precision for our homes - the art of bespoke was woven into the threads of our lives... Icustommadeit was founded on the belief that standardized products cannot fit differentiated lives. Just as you were created unique, so should your products! We aim to bring the romance back into your shopping experiences. We handpick best of artists, creators, designers and artisans, present them on a world-class platform and connect with buyers who covet things that go beyond the ordinary. Icustommadeit is a marketplace to buy and sell exceptional, one-of-a-kind products across a myriad of product categories.

At icustommadeit, we don't just believe in made-to-order products, we also value personalized experiences. Our buyers and creators are our biggest strengths and we aim to provide them with the means to indulge their unique perspectives- right from the inception of an idea, through to its delivery. And it is because of these deeply held values that icustommadeit has managed to achieve an enviable following within a few years of being born.

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