In a world of stereotypes, 'icustommadeit' is connecting the world at large to the creativity of the individual.

Icustommadeit was founded on the belief that standardized products manufactured by big-boy, big-box retailers do not fit the lifestyles of discerning customers who are looking for something more than just deep discounts, that come at the cost of individuality. is an online marketplace where creators of unique, custom-made goods connect with the buyers who are looking to purchase these one-of-a-kind creations. Posting a need is absolutely free and takes minutes. Buyers connect with our carefully vetted Creators by uploading a photo, providing a description and preferred price range for what they're looking to have custom made. Interested Creators then reach out with ideas and proposals to start the project. Buyers can also browse through Creators' Portfolios and Galleries of their existing stock products for inspiration and contact a Creator directly to start a custom-made project or simply purchase any stock product they like, off-the-rack.

'Free' Sign Up as a Buyer on 'icustommadeit' to buy any creation or start a custom project.

STEP 1 - Sign Up for an 'icustommadeit' Buyer account. Make sure you're registering with a valid email address as all communication from 'icustommadeit' -- including Creators responses to your project and budgets -- will be sent to that email address.

STEP 2 - Go to the 'icustommadeit' homepage, click on the orange 'Customize' button on the left side.

STEP 3 - Select the category of your required product

STEP 4 - Fill out the custom project request form by filling in all the required fields in as much detail as possible

STEP 5 - Click on 'Save'. In case you've changed your mind, you can click on 'Cancel' to abandon changes. After you click on 'Save', you will be taken to your very own icustommadeit Dashboard where you can view all your past and current requests, view creators' proposals, exchange messages with creators, set prices and timelines for your custom projects.

1. What would you like to design with us?

Icustommadeit has over 33 categories and sub-categories of lifestyle products for our buyers to choose from. If you know what it is that you would like to have customized, you have the option of either modifying an existing stock product to your requirements or start a new custom product project from scratch. Examples include Bookshelf, Wedding Ring, and Leather Shoes.. If you need help in deciding, you can take a look at our clearly listed product categories for ideas and inspirations. 

2. What product category does your project fall into?

Be as specific as possible when choosing an appropriate product category for your project. This will help the Creators enlisted under that relevant category to contact you with ideas and proposals for your project.

3. Choosing a Project Title

Give a distinct and descriptive title to your custom project in order to provide them quick and easy reference for subsequent processes.

4.Specifying the Size ?

Indicate the exact size and dimensions when describing your custom-made item. A few examples are '8' x 3' x 3 "Seats 8 people" or "Size 7". If you aren't sure about the size requirements, you may leave the field blank to choose the default option of 'Need Creators to help me with Size' and the concerned creators will advise you on same.

5.Specifying the Materials ?

The cost of your custom product will depend mainly on two factors : materials and labour. Therefore be as specific as possible while describing the type of materials you would like to be used in making in your product. Examples include type of wood or metal in case of furniture, types of stones and metal for jewellery, fabric types for clothing and the like. If the product has multiple materials, list as many of them as possible to help the Creator get a full understanding of what will be required to create the item. In case you're unsure of what material(s) is best suited for your project, you may leave the field blank to choose the default option of 'Need Creators to help me with Material' and the concerned creators will guide you accordingly.

6. Specify the Shipping

Please provide your Area Pin Code so that creators nearest to you and best placed to suit your needs can contact you. This will not only reduce the shipping time and costs, it will also add to your comfort level.

7. What price range you are looking at?

Highlight the exact budget range for your custom project. This will help the Creators to communicate their proposals and suggestions for your one-off creation. If you aren't sure about the price range for your project, do mention it and we can suggest a price range.

8. Attach photos or drawings.

If you have any reference pictures or rough sketches/drawings of the product you want to get made, make sure to attach them in your custom request form. Photos give our Creators a better idea of your project. You can upload different angles of a single product, similar items that best represent your idea.
For furniture or home decor items, it may also help to include a photo of the space where your project will be placed.

9. Tell us any other details

Tell us about your idea, preferred style, finishing touches, colour scheme and/or any other details that you would like to include. Ask questions and give specifications for your custom-made product. This is also your chance to let the Creator community know why your project is special to you. You can also add links that guide us to your inspiration. If you're seeking project guidance or inspiration, include that information as well.

10. Cancel or Save

Saving your custom project form would send your request to all the concerned creators in that category. We will also send you a confirmation email of the same with your specified details. If you choose to click on 'Cancel', you will lose any changes you have made to the custom project form.

Submit Request
Click 'Send Request' and your custom project form will be sent to all the concerned creators in that category. We will also send you a confirmation email of the same with your specified details.
What happens next?

Once you submit your project request, it will be saved to your project list and you'll receive an email & sms confirming that the information you provided has been posted for our community of Creators to view. Interested Creators will reply to you with questions, ideas, quotes and suggestions. At this point you should take a look at the Creator's profile and determine whether or not they would be a good fit for your project. You can respond to messages from as many Creators as you'd like through the Internal Messaging System provided on your dashboard on the portal -- in fact, we encourage you to ask questions and clarify the details of your project with the Creators who interest you.

You'll be able to review all the proposals you receive before accepting or rejecting. Once you've accepted a proposal, the Creator will begin bringing your project to life. The communications and information exchanged between you and the concerned creator will constitute the project agreement.

Please read the icustommadeit Legal Policy in its entirety. 

Your Order Guarantee - icustommadeit hosts a very structured process to be sure there aren't misunderstandings. Once a Creator proposes to do a project, and you accept, rest assured it will be delivered as promised. If there are changes during the process of creation, both sides have to agree. The Creator communicates directly with the buyer and shares progress updates through internal messages exchanged through the portal and Project Progress Pictures till the completion of the project. If there's any problem or a change, be sure you communicate about it to the Creator through the websites. Concerned about how will your project eventually look? Not to worry! At icustommadeit we do everything to ensure you have a wonderful online shopping experience and get exactly what you're looking for! 

Trust and Safety - Success only comes with Satisfaction! With this conviction, our Trust and Safety Team takes extra care and security to protect your project, payment & delivery related issues. It is unlikely that a Creator and Buyer are at odds during the process. In an instance of such a disagreement, icustommadeit will step in and mediate when the issue cannot be resolved on its own. All communications between the buyer and the creator must take place through icustommadeit for us keep a record of every step of the project development. These can take place through the website's internal messaging system, direct replies to message notification emails and telecommunication through the portals sales support staff. This will help our trust & safety team to review the discussions between you and the Creator and quickly resolve any issues.

When it comes to posting a new project on icustommadeit, there are two simple ways. 
'General Request'

When you're not familiar with or worked with any particular creator on board with us, it is advised that you start by raising a 'General Request' for you custom project.

A General Request project is viewable by all Creators of the related category on icustommadeit and is the best option for buyers who wish to speak with multiple Creators about their project idea before making a decision on who to work with. When you post a general request, Creators enlisted in that product category will be able to view the details of your project request and then send you a message if they are interested in working with you. 

To post a General Request, simply click on the 'Customize Now' button on the top Home Page banner and fill out all the required details in the custom project form. Do attach reference pictures, if any as this will help our creators get a better idea of what you have in mind.

'Special Invite'
A Special Invite project is initiated with, and viewable by a single Creator. Special Invite projects are good for Buyers who have a specific idea for the custom product in mind and have found a Creator who they would like to contact directly. 

To post a 'Special Invite' Project, we suggest that you go through the related products closest to your desired custom project,

Similarly, a Special Invite can be submitted to a Creator in the instance that you've found a specific item in a Creator's portfolio that you would like to have customized with modifications.

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