If you are a Creator/Buyer & you wish to use this website,Please carefully read the Legal Agreements & Policies before doing so.

By using this, you agree to follow & be bound by the Legal Agreements & Policies, which will be a.
Legally Enforceable Agreement between you and icustommadeit.

This is an agreement between icustommadeit and you as a 'Creator' of customized goods or a 'Supplier' of custom-made services. By referring to you or Creator, we refer to you as an authorized member of the portal. All the terms and conditions contained herein would be applicable in totality, regardless of whether or not you actually make or sell any items or services in connection with your use of icustommadeit.

This Agreement along with the Privacy Policy shall at all times govern your use of the portal and its services, located at http://icustommadeit.com . This Agreement and Privacy Policy, will collectively be referred to as the 'Creator Terms and Conditions'. This Creator Agreement has been executed and becomes applicable to you from the date on which you accepted it via the portal.

Icustommadeit is a one stop online portal that connects creators of tailor made products and providers of services with users, who want to buy tailor made products or services. 'Buyers' taken together with you and other creators are referred to as 'Users'.

By way of and via the portal, Buyers could openly solicit for bids or offers from creators for individually tailor made products or services, known as 'Project Requests'. You, as a Creator could deliver online through your profile and portfolio, i.e., an account of your skills, expertise and experience in the form of past projects. This online submission of such information in the form of bids or proposals in response to Project Requests would be known as 'Project Proposals'.

The instance an offer/request or a bid/proposal is received or accepted by you/Buyer, Buyer and you can begin your communication, strictly as per the terms and conditions contained herein, with each other as to what exactly is desired by the Buyer. It may also include what it is to be created and how you are going to deliver the project, be it a product or a service. When a bid or a proposal becomes acceptable to both sides via communication exclusively on the icustommadeit portal, Buyers and Creators connect with each other and arrive at an alliance. Going by this Agreement Creator will create a customized product or service and the buyer will agree to accept the product for a certain price that will specifically be stated in the agreement that will be entered into between the Buyer and the Creator, which will hereinafter for the sake of brevity, be referred to as 'Project Agreement'. icustommadeit does not in any circumstances warrant the enforcement of the Project Agreement which has been entered into between you, the Creator and the Buyer.

Before you can enter into any given Project Agreement, icustommadeit retains the right to reject - without any obligation - any project agreement by giving a notice therein to the parties that they may not participate in the intended agreement. Even subsequent to execution of the Project Agreement, if icustommadeit finds that any clause in the Project Agreement is violating the terms and conditions of the icustommadeit platform, icustommadeit may at its sole discretion, reject the Project Agreement.

icustommadeit retains the right to review the final proposed Project Agreement and direct the parties to make certain changes, if icustommadeit is of the opinion that certain conditions in the Project Agreement violate the terms and conditions laid down by icustommadeit or are detrimental to icustommadeit's business model. For avoidance of any doubts, the Project Agreement would strictly be between You, the creator and the Buyer and, under no circumstances whatsoever would icustommadeit make any assurance, statement or guarantee under the said Project Agreement, including without limitation, legal enforceability of the Project Agreement.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, icustommadeit reserves the right to review the Project Agreement at any stage and ask for an alteration, revision of the same, in case icustommadeit feels, in its sole discretion, that the Project Agreement is inconsistent with the terms and conditions that the Users are bound to or that the agreement is designed to defeat the purpose of the portal. For avoidance of doubt, in case of any conflict between the Project Agreement and any agreement that icustommadeit has in place with any User like this Creator Agreement or the Buyer Agreement, such Creator Agreement or the Buyer Agreement shall prevail.

3.1. The use of this portal is restricted to all persons who have attained the age of majority in accordance with the laws that they are governed by and to legal entities, which are competent to contract under appropriate laws.

3.2. If you are an individual who agrees to this treaty acting as a representative of a company or any other legal entity then the terms 'Creator', 'you' and 'your' would allude to you personally and also to the entity, which you represent. Besides, in the afore mentioned situation, you warrant and represent that you are authorized to bind that entity to this Creator Agreement. In case you are representing a certain entity, you may be asked to provide documentation, wherein said entity has authorized you to represent the entity or you may be asked to agree to terms contained in a document that will have the effect of an affidavit. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, icustommadeit does not take the responsibility of verifying that the person representing the Subscribing Organization is authorized to do so. It shall solely rely on the representation given by such person on behalf of the Subscribing Organization. The person representing and the Subscribing Organization shall be jointly and severally for the consequences thereof.

3.3. A point to remember at all times. Notwithstanding anything contained herein and irrespective of your role as a Creator, nothing in this Agreement prevents you from being associated with icustommadeit as a Buyer or even a potential Buyer. All that it requires is that you have an associated account marked as Buyer or potential Buyer and you agree to the rules and specifications of the separate agreement that is suited to Buyers - The icustommadeit Buyer Agreement.

By way of proposing a Project Agreement to another User of the portal, you agree that you are resolved to enter into a lawfully binding and unalterable contract with that User at the instance when the User accepts your proposal.

Further, it's deemed that you understand and are concurrent with the binding agreement that shall be exclusively between you and the other User. Under no circumstances, will icustommadeit be a party to any kind of agreement between you and another User. For avoidance of any doubt icustommadeit does not make any assurance or guarantee of any nature whatsoever, to either party to such a Project Agreement, including without limitation, commitment to the terms of the agreement by either party or enforceability of such agreement. Without prejudice to the foregoing, in case any claim is brought against icustommadeit by either party to the Project agreement for non-performance or non-adherence to any clause in the Project Agreement by the other party, icustommadeit shall be indemnified by the party not making such claim, as regards any loss or expense suffered by icustommadeit, including without limitation attorney and other legal expenses. icustommadeit's right to be indemnified herein shall be in addition to the right icustommadeit will have to sue either party to the Project Agreement, for having made such a claim against icustommadeit or for being in breach of the Project Agreement.

Moreover, you understand and consent to the fact that icustommadeit doesn't in any manner serve, neither creates nor provides for any goods and services for you or on behalf of you to anybody. Nor does it ensure any sort of payment by any User to you. In addition, neither does it make any representations nor guarantee concerning the quality of such goods and services, except for what is explicitly stated in this Agreement.

The Creator recognizes, understands and unconditionally agrees that :
  1. The portal serves as a platform alone for introducing, connecting and facilitating agreements between Users.
  2. Under no circumstances would icustommadeit be an ally, aid or party to any Project Agreement between Users.
  3. No User, including you can claim to be an employee or representative or an agent of icustommadeit. For clarity, you shall not in any manner whatsoever, make any warranty or assurance on behalf of icustommadeit to any User.
  4. Neither is icustommadeit a representative, employee or agent of any User including You.
  5. In no manner does icustommadeit monitor, oversee, direct or control the work of any User.
  6. icustommadeit is in no manner accountable or responsible concerning the Project Agreements or for the conduct or omissions of any User.
  7. icustommadeit has absolutely no influence or control over Users.
  8. icustommadeit doesn't take any stand/responsibility as far as the:
    1. Dependability, capability, honesty, qualifications or other traits of any User or any User's statements or deportment.
    2. The safety, quality or legality of any project served up by the creator.
Execution of Project/ Project Agreement:

After acceptance of a bid from a Creator in response to a project request by a Buyer, the Buyer and Creator will, before formal commencement of the project, communicate through the portal and by no other means or medium whatsoever, so as to reach a consensus regarding the following, among other issues that the Buyer and Creator may deem necessary:

  • Cost, Budget & Final Price of the Project
  • Timeline & deadlines
  • Creator's shipping & return policy
  • Follow-up Procedure on progress of project
  • Delivery of Product

However, it is understood and unconditionally acknowledged by both parties that the Project Agreement, whether written of implied, is strictly between the Buyer and Creator and icustommadeit is not a party to the same. icustommadeit shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable under the project agreement, whether written or implied, for issues including, without limitation, non performance of the project by the Creator, non-payment by the Buyer and the like. That being said, if the Project agreement, whether written of implied, is found, in icustommadeit's sole discretion to be in contradiction to the terms and conditions laid down by icustommadeit or otherwise detrimental to icustommadeit's interests, icustommadeit may render the said agreement and project void. In case of a conflict between the Project Agreement and the terms and conditions laid down by icustommadeit, the latter shall prevail.

Nature of the Project Agreement: Even though there may not exist a formal written and signed agreement between the Buyer and Creator that define a particular transaction, the communication between the Buyer and Creator regarding particulars of a Project shall be deemed to constitute a legally binding implied agreement between the Buyer and Creator.

All manner of content included in the portal, which encompasses, without limitation graphics, images, text, videos, interfaces, logs, button icons, data compiled, software's and the collection thereof is the sole, exclusive and undisputed property of icustommadeit or its content and software suppliers. icustommadeit has intellectual property and proprietary rights in such content. At no point of time, shall you or any other user attempt to claim ownership rights over such content or challenge icustommadeit's ownership rights therein.

It is strictly prohibited to make un-entitled use or non permitted use of the portal. Unless it's explicitly stated and furnished herein, icustommadeit does not in any way permit or grant any express or implied right or license of any sort to you regarding any copyrights, patents, trademarks and secrets or even other intellectual property rights.

'icustommadeit' grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable license to survey, study, store, download, bookmark and print the pages within the portal. This is granted exclusively for your personal, informational and non-business use. The exception to this is when you are acting in your capacity as a Creator who is engaged in business with other Users within the scope of this agreement as specified in this section. For avoidance of doubt, icustommadeit reserves the exclusive right to judge whether any instance of use of the portal is commercial or non-commercial or otherwise unauthorized.

Pages or even sections of the portal's content could be printed exclusively for personal use or internal use. It's deemed that you understand and acknowledge icustommadeit's copyright in all such print outs and you warrant that such print outs have been taken in good faith and without any malafide intention. icustommadeit holds and reserves all rights not explicitly granted in this treaty.

It would be expected of all users to deliver constantly the highest degree of respect, politeness, courtesy and professionalism by its Users to be extended among themselves and to all in terms of conduct and written communication among a lot more to speak of. icustommadeit retains the exclusive right to dismiss or discontinue any User from operating on the portal at any time for any reason whatsoever.

The Creator would at all times display, showcase and delineate the portfolio of products and services in the most accurate and rightful manner, which includes but is not restricted to the Creator's capabilities. In case icustommadeit becomes aware of any exhibition of inaccurate information or unwarranted claims by any Creator, icustommadeit reserves the right to instruct such creator to modify or remove such information, failing which, icustommadeit reserves the right to terminate such creator's account from the icustommadeit portal.

In the event of a Creator rolling out a project in terms of a product or a service to another User on the portal, which concludes in a Project Agreement, what is expected of the creator is: The Creator agrees and is purported to entering into a conclusive contract straight away with that User, which the Creator will honour.

It's deemed that the Project Agreement or any other agreements which takes place between Users is strictly between Users only. The merchant of record for all these transactions will be the Creator and this is understood well and accepted by the Creator. icustommadeit under no circumstances will be a party to such Project Agreements.

The Creator shall not include any kind of provisions, conditions or terminology in the Project Agreement that the Creator would not be able to adhere to or that would make the Creator violate the provisions of the Agreement in any way. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, icustommadeit reserves the right to review the Project Agreement at any stage and ask for an alteration, revision of the same, in case icustommadeit feels, in its sole discretion, that the Project Agreement is inconsistent with the terms and conditions that the Users are bound to or that the agreement is designed to defeat the purpose of the portal. For avoidance of doubt, in case of any conflict between the Project Agreement and any agreement that icustommadeit has in place with any User like this Creator Agreement or the Buyer Agreement, such Creator Agreement or the Buyer Agreement shall prevail.

The Creator shall present the item or service to be purchased by the User, going by the specifications drawn up in the Project Agreement. However, before undertaking a Project, in case the Creator is of the opinion that manufacturing and delivering the product requested by the Buyer could potentially violate or infringe any third party's intellectual property rights, the Creator shall immediately notify the Buyer of the same and suggest appropriate alterations in the requested product so as to make it non-infringing. This delivery may not be possible by the Creator if the User fails to meet the provisions of the Project Agreement in any manner.

The Creator will at all times adhere to providing services that result in a high degree of Buyer satisfaction. This consists of but is not restricted to conforming to Project Agreements, as well as other casual practical and realistic tasks that call on the Creator to provide for good work to Users. Again, this consists of but is not restricted to catering to products and work in a proficient manner, of quality that would be described as commercially feasible and keeping in sync with the Creator's presentation or promises regarding the skills and capabilities of the Creator. This includes but is not restricted to all communication being extended by the Creator in an absolutely professional manner and on time with icustommadeit while rendering sensible and good cooperation with icustommadeit's efforts in delivering a good, satisfying experience for the User bringing in customer satisfaction.

It's recommended for the Creator to obtain shipping insurance at the Creator's own cost for every project that the Creator ships in for a sum that would in no way be less than the total sum the Buyer has agreed to pay for - in the proposal to become payable in the Project Agreement.

Besides, the Creator agrees to exercising sound judgment when posting any kind of matter, remarks, communication, feedback or any kind of content concerning other Users, icustommadeit or even a third party within the portal. Indeed, the Creator could be held liable to pay for damages and be legally responsible for any loss, damages or injuries suffered by Users, icustommadeit or any third party on account of defamatory/libelous matter or remarks posted on the portal. In case the Creator posts any inappropriate, scandalous, defamatory or libelous matter, remarks, communication or feedback, icustommadeit may immediately terminate or suspend such Creator's account.

The Creator will not forward to or post on the portal any kind of communication that is slanderous, defamatory, pornographic, threatening, abusive, obscene, and not correct or an invasion of privacy. Again, the Creator will not forward to the portal content that could be in breach of/violation to another person's intellectual property rights, which includes but is not restricted to copyrights and trademarks or is unlawful in any manner or advocates unlawful, banned or prohibited activity in connection with any relevant law.

The Creator will not forward to the portal material that could be in the nature of an advertisement or a solicitation for funds, items or services which is for the purpose other than for the goal of engaging in business with other Users in continuation of the aim of the portal as declared in this section of this Agreement. Again, the material forwarded by the Creator should not in any way be a disrespectful imitation, parody or mimicry of another person . The material posted by the Creator on the portal shall not contain personal information of another, which includes but again is not confined to personal telephone numbers, account numbers, addresses or references to employers.

The Creator acknowledges that icustommadeit is not and shall not be legally liable or accountable for any kind of communication, remarks, information or other material delivered by the Creator on the portal or made accessible on the portal by any other User or third party. In the event of icustommadeit finding any content to not be appropriate, for any reason whatsoever, the portal shall at its exclusive discretion, get rid of or restrict the accessibility of any data or content forwarded to portal if commanded to do so by a court and also terminate/ suspend the account of the User who has posted such content.

All matter concerning the identity of the Creator and Creator's account on portal shall be true and accurate. Besides, the Creator must at all times make sure that the data concerning his account on portal is regularly updated. It must be remembered that icustommadeit shall without notification validate the account information of the Creator at any moment. The Creator is expected to extend good cooperation in such verification to icustommadeit. For verification, icustommadeit may ask the Creator to furnish any document to authenticate the Creator's identity.

The Creator shall be solely responsible for ensuring safety and security of his account data and password. Creators will at all times never disclose their passwords or even allow the use of their accounts by third parties. For avoidance of doubt, icustommadeit shall not be held liable for any loss/damage that the Creator may suffer, in case the Creator's account is hacked.

The Creator can bring to an end the Creator's membership in icustommadeit and disable the Creator's account at any instance. The Creator shall be confined by the conditions of this Agreement irrespective of the Creator disabling Creator's account.

All forms of communication whatsoever, concerning projects, deals or potential deals happening between Creator and Buyer shall be conducted exclusively on the online portal. Besides, the communication shall be only in English and shall not carry solicitations to bypass the portal in dealings. icustommadeit will monitor all such communication between the Creator and/or Buyer to ensure that the foregoing is complied with. In case icustommadeit comes across any mention of any telephone no., personal email address, physical address or any other attempt to try and establish direct contact between the Creator and the Buyer, icustommadeit shall immediately terminate/suspend such Creator's account. The foregoing will be in addition to icustommadeit's right to take appropriate action against such Creator under criminal and civil laws.

The Creator shall not entertain any requests by any User to share the Creator's telephone no., personal email address, physical address or the like and in such a case the Creator will immediately inform icustommadeit of the same. In the event of the Creator becoming aware of communication concerning dealings occurring between other users or even of communication to creator by circumventing the portal, the creator shall intimate icustommadeit of this knowledge immediately.

During the course of transactions or dealings regarding projects, the Creator shall periodically review and reciprocate punctually in communication with other Users.

The Creator could put forward a Project Proposal in reciprocation to a Project Request. The particulars provided in a Project Proposal shall be correct, true and complete and in accordance with any terms and conditions laid down by icustommadeit in this regard. The Creator shall put forward a request for a project only in the case of projects in which the Creator is qualified and possesses the requisite skills to function. All information posted by a Creator concerning Creator's profile, portfolio or even the Project Agreement shall be verified by icustommadeit at its sole discretion and right. However, icustommadeit is in no way obligated to verify the same.

When a Creator tenders a Project Request to a User, the Creator is warranting that the Creator has the requisite skills and capability to perform the services asked of him by the Buyer within the stipulated time agreed upon between Buyer and Creator in the Project Agreement.

Under no circumstances will the Creator hand in a Project Proposal for a product or service that is illegal/unlawful or the delivering of which, could violate any third party's intellectual property rights.

Disintermediation as used in this treaty refers to a situation where in a Creator gets into a transaction with a User outside the pale of the portal or through conduits other than what's facilitated by the portal with another User. And this transaction with a User to whom the Creator was introduced via the portal or via use of the portal.

Under no circumstances shall the Creator enter in Disintermediation with another User. Or even solicit another User to enter in disintermediation with the Creator.

When the Creator qualifies for payment from another User as per the Project Agreement, all payments would be made and accepted wholly via a recognized, authorized and approved payment mechanism by icustommadeit. In addition, this shall be referred to as the 'Permitted Payment Procedure'.

Permitted Payment Procedure

The cost of the Project shall be decided between the Creator and the Buyer and shall expressly be stated in the corresponding Project Agreement. This cost shall be inclusive of shipping charges, all respective applicable taxes and insurance, if any.

Before the Creator commences working on the project, the Buyer should transfer a sum equal to the entire cost of the project to the account of icustommadeit, details of which will be provided to the Buyer by icustommadeit. Buyer/User can make their payment/transactions with all valid credit cards, debit cards, cash cards as mentioned below or online fund transfer/net banking.

  • Credit Card: All Visa, Master and Amex Credit Cards
  • Debit Card: All Visa, Master and Maestro Debit Cards
  • Cash Cards: ITZ cash card
  • Digital /Virtual Wallet

After receiving the amount, icustommadeit will deduct an amount equal to the margin percentage (depending on the subscription plan creator is registered with icustommadeit) from the amount transferred by the Buyer and will notify the Creator of having received payment from the Buyer.

Thereafter, as and when the Buyer notifies icustommadeit of successful completion and shipment of the project by the Creator, icustommadeit will transfer the corresponding amount (as per the Project Agreement) to the Creator. All payments pertaining to a Project, would strictly be as per the foregoing and in no other way. The Creator expressly waives off any objection it may have in this regard. The Creator shall not receive payment from any User through any mode other than the afore stated Permitted Payment Procedure.

The Creator shall without delay intimate icustommadeit if any User solicits the Creator to take payment via any channel other than the afore-stated Permitted Payment Procedure.

The following points concerning the Permitted Payment Procedure have to be kept in mind by the Creator:

  • icustommadeit does not supervise or direct the receiving or transfer of payments.
  • icustommadeit will under no circumstances undertake any responsibility or be answerable in connection with the receipt and transfer of payments. This includes but is not restricted to losses, damages, financial harm consequent to misdirected or lost payments, violations of security, chargeback, thefts, fraudulent payments, theft of funds, breach of banking rules, money laundering, privacy or damages or other laws in relation to the use of a Permitted Payment Procedure.
  • The Creator shall abide by all specification and rules enforced by any Payment Processor.
  • The Creator shall be accountable and answerable for and shall make the requisite fees charged to Creator by a Payment Processor, credit card net work, financial institution or bank or all things being the same, any charge on Creator arising as a result of payments made or received via a Permitted Payment Procedure.
  • Any sum that's due from Creator to 'icustommadeit' can be deducted by icustommadeit from any payment received by Creator and transferring it to the credit of sums of money due from Creator to icustommadeit. Or, icustommadeit could delay/hold the transfer of sums when any amount is due from Creator regardless of the sums being the result of any project for which payment is obtained by Creator or even otherwise. Nothing in the aforementioned is purported to restrict your rights against a Payment Processor.

Icustommadeit shall be responsible for developing subscription plans keeping in mind the creators requirements. The creator shall have an option to choose from the subscription plans developed by icustommadeit. Every subscription plan will have a defined margin attached to it for which icustommadeit will be entitled to from the creator.

A fee better called as the 'Transaction based fee' shall be payable by the Creator to icustommadeit for the technology and services served up by the portal, in respect of each transaction. This Transaction based fee shall be the equivalent as per subscription plan subscribed to - excluding taxes and shipping or other delivery charges - that the Creator bills to the User in respect of a particular transaction, with whom the Creator enters into the Project Agreement.

For purposes of taxes the Creator shall include only the sales, use or much like wise transaction specific taxes that the Creator is eligible to collect and pay on account of the Project. Again, as far as shipping and delivery go, the Creator shall only take into account the creator's out of pocket charges for carriage and shipping.

The icustommadeit Transaction based fee becomes due for each project at the very instance upon the Buyer's each payment for the project. However, icustommadeit may at its sole discretion opt to postpone all of the payment or a portion of the icustommadeit service fee for a specified project until the Buyer makes the concluding payment for the project, solely at icustommadeit's discretion.

It's the exclusive responsibility of the Creator to pay the Transaction based fees and for collecting, accounting and paying up all relevant taxes punctually on time. Again, icustommadeit shall have the right to pick up the Transaction based fee directly from the sum contributed by the Buyer making payment via a Permitted Payment Procedure.

At the sole discretion of icustommadeit, the portal may at times choose to grant the Creator a discount on the Transaction based fee or even a credit to the service fee. However, unless it's stated in writing, the Transaction based fee is final and conclusive.

The Creator could run a check on the sanctions of a credit card or other payment mode permissions on any credit cards, bank accounts or even other payment methods provided by a Creator. These may have been furnished by the creator to store credit card, bank account or other payment mode specifications for the purpose of Transaction based fee so as to make a charge on the Creator's credit card, bank account or other payment mode as payment for the Transaction based fee.

It would be deemed to be in breach of this contract if and when a Creator is negligent in/defaults in serving up a project as per the specifications and as per the timelines stipulated in, the Project Agreement. In the unlikely event of such a negligence in project delivery occurring, icustommadeit may at its sole and exclusive discretion but under no circumstance will it be obliged to reimburse the Buyer for sums that have been paid to the Creator - icustommadeit compensation.

If and when an icustommadeit compensation happens, the Creator warrants to make the requisite payment to icustommadeit in addition to Project fees, any relevant processing fees, penalties or charges as the case may be and other charges in collection as applicable by law. This will be in addition to other remedies available to the Creator including legal action for breach of contract or breach of trust. The Creator waives any objection it may have in this regard.

It's in the nature of a service that icustommadeit caters to a feedback and reputation management services. Providing for a platform of sorts through which Users can voice their opinions, views and experiences about other Users. However, icustommadeit doesn't in any manner supervise, monitor nor exercises any kind of control over such expressions in terms of scrutiny for their correctness or truthfulness.

The Creator understands and agrees that the portal may contain remarks and feedback about the Creator from other Users with whom the Creator would have engaged in dealings or communicated in relation to the portal. And, it's well understood by the Creator that the feedback could comprise remarks and ratings made by other Users which the Creator could construe as negative.

It's deemed that the Creator recognizes and accepts the fact that icustommadeit could make an assessment of the composite feedback scores or ratings given on the basis of User feedback for the purpose of calculation. And yet again, will not be obliged in any manner to do the same.

icustommadeit shall not be responsible or held liable in any manner whatsoever to account for any sort of claims that the Creator could have concerning any User's remarks or feedback about the Creator. The Creator expressly waives off any right to raise a claim against icustommadeit for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever caused to the Creator for any kind of scores, ratings or other data or information that may be brought about by another User's opinions or remarks or feedback even if the information is defamatory or otherwise legally questionable.

It's deemed that the Creator is well aware of the fact that the Creator may be held liable and accountable to other Users, icustommadeit or third parties in the event that any remarks, comments content posted by the Creator on the Portal are defamatory, slanderous or otherwise not in keeping with good deportment.

Further, its agreed by the Creator that any bids to fake, forge or alter feedback or manoeuvre another User by way of intimidation, bullying or even pressurizing or browbeating negative feedback or offering items or services in exchange for feedback would be in contravention of this Agreement and would make the Creator liable for damages and suspension/termination from this portal.

Again, other kinds of deeds that would be considered as abusive to the Reputation Management System and stand in contravention of this Agreement include but are not restricted to: handing over to the feedback system disrespectful, blasphemous, sacrilegious or crude and abusive material or content. And again, it would be considered to be in violation of this Agreement if the Creator gets in touch with Users with whom the Creator has had interaction to get feedback about other Users regardless of the feedback being negative or not.

Moreover, icustommadeit reserves the right at its exclusive discretion to preserve, alter or even delete remarks, feedback or opinions, ratings while at the same time it will under no circumstances be obliged to do so.

It shall at all times be the exclusive right of icustommadeit to at its sole discretion decide and assess as to how search algorithms via the portal function. This includes but is not restricted to finding out the method in which the Creator and Creator's portfolios are ranked and listed as a rejoinder to User searches and as to which Project Requests the Creator finds easy to view or respond to.

By subscribing to this contractual agreement, the Creator and Creator's releasers agree to release and forever absolve icustommadeit and its Releasers from and against all allegations, suits damages, liabilities, obligations, demands and debts regardless of being aware of them now or not, dissolved or not dissolved that any of the Creator Releasers has, may have contended of any kind and relating to any matter, barring the right of the Creator to enforce this agreement according to its terms.

Note: The term Creator's Releasers refers to Creator's predecessors, successors and permitted assigns all taken together. The term icustommadeit Releasers refers to icustommadeit's predecessors, successors, permitted assigns, agents, officers, directors, subsidiaries, employees, parents, affiliates, attorneys, contractors and suppliers.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Creator especially absolves icustommadeit from and against all allegations, suits, debts, financial damages, rights, responsibilities, obligations, demands be they known or unknown, dissolved or not dissolved that any of the Creator Releasers has, may have contended of any kind resulting due to or in any way connected with any issue that the Creator may have with any other User of the portal.

Furthermore, the Creator accedes to that each time the Creator logs into or uses the portal, Creator thereby reconfirms and reasserts the releases expressed in the aforesaid paragraphs in such a manner, that the Creator is upon each login or use, on behalf of the Creator Releasers releasing and forever absolving the icustommadeit Releasers from and against all, allegations, suits, damages, debts, liabilities, contracts, rights, obligations and demands regardless of they being known now or unknown, dissolved or not dissolved that any of the Creator Releasers has, may have, has declared or could have declared or could have asserted, of any kind in relation to any matter, as on the date of such log in or use, barring the right of the Creator to enforce this Agreement according to its terms and conditions.

All manner of content including without limitation, graphics, images, photographs, text, information, user names, profiles, audios, videos, items, links - that the Creator puts forward/posts or delivers or exhibits on the portal would be done by the Creator with the Creator's utmost responsibility in all ways. The Creator agrees that the Creator is wholly responsible for the Creator's deportment and deeds on the portal or in relation to the portal and concerning the content that he displays or uses on the portal. For avoidance of doubt, the Creator shall be liable for any content posted on the portal by the Creator or through the Creator's account, irrespective of whether such content was actually posted by the Creator or by another person to whom the Creator has given access to his account or by a person who has hacked into the Creator's account.

Creator shall not:

  1. Deliver wrong, incorrect, confusing and ambiguous, profane, vulgar or defamatory content.
  2. Wrongly state or in another manner distort or misrepresent or twist out of context Creator's association with any individual or entity, including but not restricted to the use of mail addresses that may in any way resemble Creator's mail address or names or the creation of misrepresented accounts.
  3. Violate or misappropriate any individual's or entity's patent, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary or intellectual property rights or rights of privacy or publicity.
  4. Pass on any code that could ruin or harm adversely interfere with, clandestinely obstruct or expropriate any system, information or personal data.
  5. Alter, modify or hack the portal or wrongly connote that another website is linked to icustommadeit.
  6. Work to the end of creating any sort of liability for icustommadeit to any third person or party or make icustommadeit lose out either in whole or part the services of icustommadeit's ISP's or other suppliers.
  7. Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Platform or any part thereof;
  8. Set up, design or create a website/portal, the concept of which is in any manner similar to icustommadeit or assist in setting up, designing or creating such a website/portal.
  9. Use the Portal for any purposes other than as provided by icustommadeit.
  10. Post, upload, or distribute any content that is unlawful or that a reasonable person could deem to be objectionable, offensive, indecent, pornographic, invasive of another's privacy, harassing, threatening, embarrassing, distressing, vulgar, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.
  11. Use the Platform for any illegal purpose, or in violation of any local, state, national, or international law, including, without limitation, laws governing intellectual property and other proprietary rights, and data protection and privacy in any jurisdiction.
  12. Defame, harass, abuse, threaten or defraud Users of the Platform, or collect personal information about Users.
  13. Remove, circumvent, disable, damage or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Platform.
  14. Use any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means to access the Platform for any purpose or bypass any measures icustommadeit may use to prevent or restrict access to the Platform.

It's deemed at all times that the content of the Creator belongs exclusively to the Creator. icustommadeit under no circumstance professes any kind of ownership rights in the content of the Creator.

Again, when a Creator delivers content to the portal, the Creator confers upon icustommadeit a right/license which is: unrestricted, global, everlasting, unalterable, irrevocable and irreversible, royalty free, sub licensable - via multiple layers - license to use all or any part of the Content and/or any intellectual property, database rights and promotional rights that the Creator has in the content material. And this may be used by the portal in any media known now or may even pertain to the future for any purpose whatsoever.

Further, the Creator is in agreement with the content material being held or re-formatted on the portal and showcased in any way that icustommadeit feels free to do at its exclusive discretion. icustommadeit is granted the right to use the content of the Creator in promotional activities and also present the content on other websites in relation to the operations of icustommadeit. However, icustommadeit will utilize all personal data only in compliance with its privacy policies.

Icustommadeit does not in any manner warrant that the portal is "error free" or fit for any particular purpose. The icustommadeit portal along with all the facilities and resources provided therein are provided on an 'As is' basis. icustommadeit doesn't in any manner act on behalf of or give any explanation to either expressly or impliedly with regard to: the work products, the services, facilities, resources of icustommadeit, the portal, any activities or anything standing in connection to this Agreement or any business transacted or items bought with the aid of icustommadeit.

icustommadeit disclaims all restrictions, provisions, representations and warranties - express or implied. This takes into account but does not confine itself to warranties of business feasibility, appropriateness for a specific purpose and not being in breach of any rights. Further, the Creator acknowledges the fact that any kind of communication, advice or information - oral or written - being acquired by icustommadeit from the Creator, under no circumstance shall create a warranty of any sort that's not explicitly made herein.

icustommadeit makes no warranty or representation of any kind regarding any user or users or their work. This includes but is not restricted to warranties or representations in connection with the protection of projects or the abilities of users, their morality, integrity, veracity, dependability or their capability to pay.

Under no circumstances shall icustommadeit, its parents, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, contractors or suppliers be liable and accountable for any kind of damages and losses regardless of they being direct or indirect, general, compensatory, consequential or collateral emerging out of or concerning - the services of icustommadeit, your utilization of the services of icustommadeit or the portal, the deportment of any user, unless explicitly declared in this section or this agreement encompassing without restriction, lost profits, bodily harm and psychological torments.

Without any prejudice to the foregoing and anything else contained herein, in the unlikely event that icustommadeit or any of its parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, consultants or suppliers are held liable to you, such liability would be limited to the sum as project or transaction based fees paid by you to icustommadeit in the past twelve months preceding the deed that caused the liability.

Again, these limitations in liability shall be pertinent to any kind of liability emerging from any grounds of actions whatsoever, be it in contract, strict liability, tort - comprising negligence or even otherwise, even if icustommadeit is counselled of the likelihood of such charges or losses, and more so even if the limited solutions offered herein fail of their basic motive.

Any damages or losses to icustommadeit, which are attributable, in icustommadeit's sole discretion, to a Creator, will be wholly indemnified by the Creator and Creator will retain icustommadeit and icustommadeit's subsidiaries, parents, affiliates, directors, suppliers, contractors, employees and agents away from any kind of harm, losses or damages.

This includes but is not restricted to legal expenses, resultant of or concerning in any way to any allegation or demand made or alleged or intimidated by another individual or entity and which is consequent to or concerns: the deportment of the Creator or negligence in taking corrective steps, allegations and demands concerning the Creator being in violation of this contract, being in breach of or claimed infringement of the intellectual property rights of another, breach of or claimed breach of any rights of another, and breach or claimed violation of any law or rules.

The right of icustommadeit to be indemnified by the Creator, shall be without prejudice to any other right icustommadeit may have against the Creator, including without limitation, the right to claim damages or the right to institute legal proceedings against the Creator.

It remains to be at the exclusive consideration and acumen of icustommadeit to withdraw, stop its operations, modify the workings and operations of, or even alter its services and the portal at any time.

Again, any of the attributes or characteristics of the portal or even the functions of the portal could be interrupted or eliminated wholly by several factors outside the scope of icustommadeit or at the exclusive discretion of icustommadeit.

When and while using the portal, the Creator is in agreement to abide by all domestic and international laws concerning the services of icustommadeit or the portal.

It's deemed and understood by you that the Creator is an autonomous and independent entity and it's deemed that icustommadeit is an independent entity. Therefore, no manner of relationship as in partnership, agency, joint venture, and franchiser-franchisee, Principal-agent or employer-employee shall be for any reason whatsoever, be intended or created by this Agreement. Or by exercising operations on the portal or via the services of icustommadeit.

Further, the Creator is well aware of the fact that icustommadeit is independent of all other Users. Therefore, it's deemed that no manner of relationship as in partnership, agency, joint venture, Principal-agent, employer-employee is purported or created between icustommadeit and any other User because of any sort of User Agreement, other Agreements or because of operating upon the portal's services or the portal.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and the Courts at Pune, Maharashtra state, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any conflicts arising out of this Agreement.

  1. The Parties agree that any dispute which may arise between any of them under this Agreement shall first be dealt with in the manner stated in clause 25.2 below, irrespective of any other recourse, which any Party may have in law or in equity.
  2. If any dispute arises between the Parties hereto during the subsistence of this Agreement or thereafter, in connection with the validity, interpretation, implementation or alleged breach of any provision of this Agreement, both Parties hereto shall in the first instance endeavour to settle such dispute amicably. If the Parties fail to bring about an amicable settlement within a period of thirty (30) days, either Party to the dispute may give ten (10) days prior written notice of its intention to refer the dispute to arbitration and apply for such injunctive or equitable reliefs as maybe necessary to maintain status quo pending the referral and adjudication of the dispute through arbitration.
  3. The dispute shall be referred to a sole Arbitrator appointed by icustommadeit.
  4. The venue of the arbitration shall be Pune, Maharashtra. The Arbitration proceeding shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 amended from time to time. The proceedings of arbitration shall be in English language. The Arbitrator's award shall be substantiated in writing. Each Party shall bear its own costs in the Arbitration proceedings.
  5. The Parties hereto shall submit to the Arbitrator's award which shall be final and which shall be enforceable in any competent court of law.

As an additional, separate, and distinct condition to the icustommadeit Trust and Safety Program, you agree that icustommadeit, as limited guarantor, has the right to subrogate against any person or entity whatsoever who allegedly is responsible for causing the losses or damages at issue, even if that person or entity is you. Further, you hereby agree that, with respect to any payments made under the icustommadeit Trust and Safety Program by, or on behalf of, icustommadeit, you will assist in and cooperate fully with icustommadeit regarding any and all subrogation efforts.

In case the afore stated Trust and Safety Program is invoked and the price paid by you for the project is refunded by Creator and transferred by icustommadeit, you hereby expressly agree to waive off any right to claim damages or specific performance against icustommadeit in respect of the Project.

The icustommadeit platform may include links or references to other websites or services solely as a convenience to Users ("Reference Sites"). Unless otherwise expressly stated by icustommadeit, icustommadeit does not endorse any such Reference Sites or the information, materials, products, or services contained on or accessible through Reference Sites. In addition, your correspondence or business dealings with, or participation in promotions of, advertisers found on or through the icustommadeit Platform are solely between You and such advertiser. Access and use of Reference Sites, including the information, materials, products, and services on or available through Reference Sites is solely at your own risk. icustommadeit expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.

Communications from icustommadeit will be sent to Creator electronically via email, advises, notifications or delivering on the portal - messages - so as to keep creator informed through the portal. The Creator is in agreement with this mode of communication.

Moreover, regardless of whether the Creator reads the notifications or messages coming in communication on line, regardless of whether they reach the Creator or not. It's deemed that the Creator agrees to the notifications or processes having reached, delivered and served the Creator. And, it's deemed that the Creator has also read them at the very instance of emailing or posting them.

Any kind of formal delivery utilities or rights to hard copies concerning any manner of communication, processes or transmittals resultant upon or related to the services of icustommadeit or the portal in itself, shall be dispensed with by the Creator.

It may not be possible for the portal to be functional and operational in certain jurisdictions where the portal's content or operations is considered to be illegal or permissions to do so may be granted only via requisite licenses or permissions to be had.

It's deemed that you first take the responsibility to find out if you can use the portal in such locations as these. Further you agree that you will not try to reach the portal in such locations.

This memorandum of understanding in conjunction with the privacy policy lays out the whole agreement, understanding and contract to the parties concerning their projects. It takes precedence and predominates any kind of prior, concurrent, or coexisting talks, contracts, warranties, substitutions or representations, and all other conversations and divulgences - however much contemporaneous - between you and icustommadeit.com.

Specifically, but without influencing the general nature of the above mentioned, this Agreement takes supreme predominance over the icustommadeit Subscriber Agreement that the Creator may have earlier on entered into with icustommadeit.

Alterations, changes or modifications to this Agreement could be brought in at any time at the exclusive discretion of icustommadeit. This would be done by delivering an amended Agreement on the portal. Unless expressly stated on the portal, any alterations shall take effect instantly.

You are in consent with the fact that such alterations would become effective and that your sustained use of the portal or the services of icustommadeit would be controlled and regulated by the amended Agreement. icustommadeit could but under no circumstances shall it be required by compulsion to do so - furnish you with a communiqué of alterations either via email or other forms of communication.

No other kind of alterations shall be permitted to this Agreement, other than the alterations that icustommadeit makes in accordance with this section or as explicitly stated and agreed upon between you and icustommadeit in writing signed by you and icustommadeit. The Agreement could be brought to an end by icustommadeit at any moment at its exclusive discretion by giving you notice of bringing the contract to an end or by simply bringing to an end the operations of the portal.

If by any event this Agreement is aborted, the sections specified below, amongst others that by their nature ought to survive abortion of this agreement, shall survive any such abortion and continue to remain in effect:

  • Restricted License and curbs on use
  • Accepted Creator Conduct
  • Disintermediation
  • Permitted Payment Procedure
  • Negligence in Payment
  • Negligence in delivering projects
  • Mechanism Feedback and Reputation
  • Subrogation
  • Release
  • Creator Deportment and Content
  • Unique License - icustommadeit
  • Warranty Disclaimer
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnity
  • Legal Compliance
  • Not an Agency
  • Arbitration

Severability: If one or more provisions of this Agreement are held to be illegal or unenforceable, such provisions will be limited or excluded to the minimum extent required so that this Agreement will otherwise remain enforceable in accordance with the remaining terms.

This Agreement could be allocated by way of assignment by icustommadeit in its exclusive discretion. However, the Creator shall neither allocate this Agreement by way of assignment nor assign the rights or duties of the Creator without the affirmed written consent of icustommadeit.

Waiver: The rights of icustommadeit hereto shall not be prejudiced or restricted by any indulgence or forbearance extended to a Creator and no waiver by icustommadeit hereto of any breach of the Creator of any of the terms hereunder shall operate as a waiver in respect of any subsequent breach.

In the event of you coming to the belief that your work has been transgressed with and forwarded onto the portal in a manner that comprises violation of copyright laws, kindly furnish us with the following details:

  1. In the event of you coming to the belief that your work has been transgressed with and forwarded onto the portal in a manner that comprises violation of copyright laws, kindly furnish us with the following details:.
  2. An account of the copyrighted material that you allege has been transgressed upon.
  3. An account of the location of the copyrighted matter that you allege is infringed upon on our portal.
  4. Your contact details as in address, telephone and email id.
  5. A written declaration by you that you have good faith and belief that the contested usage is not permitted by the copyrighted owner, its agents or even the law.
  6. A declaration by you made that the above details furnished by you in your communication is correct and that you are the righteous copyright owner or are permitted to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

The information has to be delivered to: 'icustommadeit.com', TRUELYTICS ECOMM PVT. LTD., 10,Indra Memories, Adjacent to Nexa Showroom, Baner Road, Pune-411007, Maharashtra. TEL +91 9028012751

You can submit the information to support@icustommadeit.com

When using the icustommadeit Platform, You will be subject to any additional posted guidelines or rules applicable to specific services and features which may will be posted from time to time (the "Guidelines"). All such Guidelines are hereby incorporated by reference into these Terms.

Your only remedy with respect to any dissatisfaction with

(i) the icustommadeit Platform, (ii) any term of these Terms, (iii) any policy or practice of icustommadeit in operating the Platform, or (iv) any content or information transmitted through the icustommadeit Platform, is to terminate Your account. You may terminate these Terms at any time by discontinuing use of any and all parts of the icustommadeit Platform.

icustommadeit's services may be subject to limitations, delays, and other problems inherent in the use of the internet and electronic communications. icustommadeit is not responsible for any delays, delivery failures, or other damage resulting from such problems.

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