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The global art scene, while beautiful and captivating, is incredibly large and diverse. Attempting to traverse its depths can be a lot to take for art enthusiasts and buyers, alike. Figuring out art what fits within your budget and your vision can be time-consuming and stressful.

This is where Vernssage comes in as an art consultancy that acts as a bridge between artists, their art and buyers and art lovers. They aim to make your experience in the world of art, an easy and enjoyable one. Their uniqueness lies in their enthusiasm to understand your tastes, your time restraints and your budget. They customize your experience by giving you advice, tailored to your likes and fitting within your vision. Every art lover is on a journey of discovery. This journey takes them from an art admirer to an art connoisseur. Vernssage facilitates that change through research, understanding, knowledge, experience and a vast network of international galleries, artists and collectors. Immerse yourself within strokes of creativity and dabs of imagination with just a few clicks and begin a wonderful adventure in a whole new world.

Personal Connect with its Artists

Team Mojarto interviewed the founder of art gallery Vernssage and artist Sabia who is part of the gallery. This is what they have to say-Sunaina: Vernssage is a platform where we give space to everybody, so we don’t have hard-and-fast criteria. We want to introduce talent to the world. Our vision is to bring art into the world which we are doing, but we want to do it on a much bigger scale. Thanks to the online portal, Mojarto, we have been able to reach various people in various part of India; not only India but also abroad.

Sabia: This gallery is owned by Sunaina Magan. She is great human being. The more I interact with her, the closer I get to her, I just mentioned to her in passing that I admire honest people and don't want to associate myself with a gallery as I find them fake and manipulative. I met her during one of my shows and after I spoke to her I felt really good. She even visited my studio. Before I knew it, I was attached to her and when she mentioned that she wanted exhibit my works I said yes.

Sunaina: I am a big fan of Rama Chandaran and what I know about Rama Chandaran is that a lot of new buyers, new collectors would not be able to afford his art. So, I was looking for somebody who works on the lines of Rama Chandaran. I wasn't looking for somebody who can copy his work but I was looking for somebody who is a student or whose mentor is Rama Chandaran and I end up meeting Sabia. Sabia's works are beautiful, she uses bright colours. She paints these birds, lovely trees etc. This is what Rama Chabdaran also does. Her works are great.

Sabia: I loved painting since childhood. I was in first grade when I started drawing. My late teacher, Nilima, told me that I have a rare talent and I should pursue BFA. At that time, I had no idea what BFA stood for. I learnt that it stood for Bachelors of Fine Arts only when I applied for the course. Since then, I've never looked back. My mother used to run a shop, she has been a huge support and I really wanted to do something for her. I work in series. I started by painting windows with a girl looking out of it. After that, I wanted the girl to be free, so I started painting her likewise. I then started painting birds. I always had nature as a theme but birds became predominant. While I was working with number 100, Amrit Patel, an artist, suggested I work with the number 108 instead. This is how I started painting 108 birds, squirrels, butterflies, deer and flowers. I've been working on the theme of nature for 8 years now.






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