• 3 Seater Box Shaped Sofa
If you believe in less is more than this sofa is exclusively made for you. Classy, simple and minimal are key features of this piece of furnishing. The neutral color of the sofa is brilliantly accented by vibrant colored cushions. Generously stuffed with forty density foam to give utmost comfort and ease and framed on neem wood. Give a touch of personalization by customizing it with your favorite color, fabric and size as requested by the customer,Comfort, Durability, Material Quality

Size: 85"
Color: A&S- Beige, P- Fluroscent Color
Material: Forty Density Foam, Neemwood,Elastic of A Grade, Spring (4mm), Softy Foam (1"), Poly (Pillow) & Other materials

Key Features:
  •  Large cushions for extra comfort
  •  Framed on neem wood
  •  Stuffed with 40 density foam
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

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3 Seater Box Shaped Sofa

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