About the Book:

"Oh! My Name” is a personalized children’s picture book using the letters of the child’s name.

The story book is about a boy / girl who does not remember his / her name. He / She, along with a friend called "Dabi", decide to go on a journey to find his / her name. They meet various animals, go to different places and eventually get back the boy / girl's name, letter by letter.

E.g. In the “Oh! My Name” book made for a boy called “Neil”, the boy will hear a Nightingale (N) singing, come across a Chimpanzee (E) who does not want his hair cut, meet a very reclusive animal called "Ila Pika" (I) and then do a lot of HAHAHEHE with a Laughing Buddha (L). Each of these animals will give the boy an alphabet i.e. ‘N’,’E’,’I’ & ‘L’ which will eventually form his name “NEIL”.

Similarly, for names with different alphabets, there are different stories specific to those alphabets.

You can also add your child’s photo and a personal message on the 1st page of the book if you wish to, or you can use the standard message we have provided in the sample images .


Product Details:

  • For the book to be personalized, the child’s name should at least have 3 letters.
  • Number of pages in the book depends on the length of the name of the child. For shorts names like “Zoe” the book will have 24 pages. For a long name like “Aaradhaya”, the book will have 44 pages. 
  • There will be different story for repeating letters.
  • You can order Multiple books without repetition of story.
  • Book is available in paperback and hardcover, you can make a choice in the above dropdown.
  • The papers used inside the book is thick matte finish.
  • Size of the book: 21.5 cm in Height X 26.5 cm in Width.
  • Hardcover book comes with “Dabi” the Puppet

In the book, Dabi is a friendly creature who accompanies the child in his / her journey. In real life, Dabi is a hand puppet which comes along with the hardcover book to make the reading session with the child more dramatized and interactive.

-Recommended for children aged 2 - 8 years. However, a lot of parents & uncles and aunts have bought this for new born babies as gifts and keepsake.

- Average time for Domestic Delivery is 7-10 Business Days.
- Average Time for International Delivery is 15-20 Business Days.

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"Oh! My Name” Children's Name Based Story Book

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